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Touch of Eden Daycare provides children with an intellectually and physically stimulating atmosphere that bolsters their self-esteem and social skills. We’ve developed our philosophy and overall approach to childcare with an eye towards inclusion. We believe that by working with parents and guardians throughout the childcare process, we can help equip children for a healthy transition into kindergarten and formal education. By providing a facility that emphasizes fun and learning through play, provides a nutritious diet, and offers parents an extension of the care they provide for their children at home, Touch of Eden works to create the optimal circumstances from which to watch children blossom.

By working with parents and guardians, we share in our commitment to the children in our care and place equal value on every child that walks through our doors. Our commitment to what we do doesn’t just extend to the children in our care, but also to their parents and guardians. We offer flexible scheduling that accommodates most parents’ and guardians’ needs while offering exceptional infant and toddler care.

We know that placing your children in the right hands is of primary importance when it comes to locating quality childcare. That’s why our highly trained, certified and checked staff has undergone a screening process that ensures that they’re the best caregivers for the team. Only those with qualifications and formal experience in early childhood development environments make it through our screening procedure. We want to make sure that parents know we take what we do seriously, and we’re dedicated to providing quality care for their children.

Touch of Eden Daycare was founded with a simple goal: providing childcare services that nurtured and encouraged physical and mental development in young children. We want to see children thrive, flourish, and succeed in transitioning from infancy to childhood with a healthy curiosity and love of learning. We understand that working with parents is the best way to achieve these goals, and as we strive for inclusion and transparency in our services, our facility and our philosophy, we encourage parents and guardians to help contribute to their child’s time away from home. Through the development of a symbiotic relationship between parent/guardian and childcare provider, we believe that we can provide the best childcare that works to gear young children for further development.

Touch of Eden is a place where parents and guardians can rest assured knowing that their children are receiving the best care and loving support Maryland has to offer. Check out our, testimonials, and hours/location for more information of Touch of Eden Daycare and contact us with any questions. We’re focused on making our daycare a place that both you and your child will feel happy coming to.


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