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At Touch of Eden Daycare, we understand that children learn and develop differently at their own pace. Because of this, we explore different ways of interacting with your children. We have embraced both the traditional learning style of teaching and also embraced the technological advancement of educational learning videos such as “Your baby can read, Brainy baby, baby Einstein etc).

These are a few of the learning videos that we have tested and are comfortable with sharing with your children. Note that these learning videos are optional and you can choose to decline this option. Please see below for our program outline for your interested age ranges.

Infant Program

Daily routine within the infant program includes napping, bottling/feeding, diapering, tummy time, and play time. We allow free play and limit # of swings and large items within our room to make sure that there is enough room for your child to be mobile.

We focus on developing and stimulating your baby by introducing them to toys and books. We speak to the babies to encourage communication as they begin to explore their environment. Educational learning videos are also introduced with parent’s consent at 6 months

Toddler Program

At Touch of Eden Daycare, we know that these little explorers are ready to discover and socialize. We begin to introduce a more structured schedule. We begin to provide opportunities for children to develop their fine, gross, motor, cognitive, communication and social skills. Blocks, Puzzles, Painting, coloring, exercising etc are introduced.

At this stage, we also begin to initiate our hybrid form of learning with the introduction of our educational learning videos for half hr a day ( Please note that participation in this is optional and parents can choose to decline participation).

To develop your little explorer’s social skills, we also begin to emphasize circle time story-telling, music and teaching the concept of sharing and helping.

We also begin to encourage the children to perform certain self-help tasks such as hand washing, coat wearing and feeding on their own while providing the necessary assistance required to complete the task.

Additionally, we begin to explore potty-training with your little one at their own pace while also employing a reward system to encourage the children and attain success. Your child builds immense confidence and begins to ask the why, what and where questions. Isn’t that a joy!

Three-Five Year Old Toddler Program

At this critical age, we are helping prepare your little one for kindergarten. With the immense amount of confidence that they have now, they feel they can take on the world.

We encourage that attitude and allow them to identify and solve problems, communicate and share stories, recite nursery rhymes, participate in math and science projects by exploring shapes, counting, textures, plants and animals etc.

Your little one can tell you everything he sees during a nature walk and can identify a stop sign as an octagon with eight sides. Form a communication perspective, we begin to emphasize phonics and the use of letters in certain words.

We also use a phonics video that allows them to physically see the alphabet and grasp the concept of phonics and tying the soundsFromether to form words.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp program is designed to help your child explore, socialize and stay active during the summer. While we have organized programs that allows them to explore science, math, dancing, reading etc. we are very open to children driving the summer curriculum.

Based on their respective ages, they can serve as helpers to the teacher in determining what activities they would like to do for the day. We have created bi-weekly themes and activities that align with those themes. We will explore sport activities, face painting and magic shows, dancing and playing dress up, beach parties etc.

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